Are you a mom yearning to live your passions?

Are you looking to be more engaged in the world?

Do you want to slow down and enjoy meaningful moments with your family?

Welcome! I’m with you.

I’m Carrie, a carrier of the creative through the written and spoken word. I’m a home-maker and world-learner. 

For years, as a stay-at-home mom, I struggled to reconcile being a mother with growing my own potential. I wanted to be fully present with my daughter. And I felt a deep longing to access my divine creativity—a creativity that I’d tapped into as a pregnant woman. I needed to create. To feel connected. 

But how could family life be a part of this path, and not a distraction from it? Turns out, making a home, in every sense of the word, has been part of my path. Turns out, I’m wild, I’m connected to the world wherever I may be. 

Today, I’m a homeschooling mom, traveling with my family. You’re invited to follow our learning and our travels on the blog, as well as reflections on my journey in connecting head and heart, home and world. In the shop, look for products to support your own creative home/world journey. 

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