Stillness Speaks

I woke up from a dream the other night (or perhaps I was still dreaming) and I heard these words: “Stillness Speaks.”

Knowing the importance of inner space, I try to create moments during the day where I simply sit still.  But as any busy mom knows- or any person at all really- sometimes this feels impossible or a waste of time even (shouldn’t I be doing something?  Something productive?)   My to-do list has seemed overwhelming as of late; and it is hard to find the time to re-connect, to re-charge.

But I got my reminder the other night.  I know for sure that if I ignore what the world is trying to tell me, it will come to play out somehow in my life.  It’s best if I listen; this I’ve learned.  So even when the to-do list calls, and even during this most busiest time of year, I will create spaces daily to listen to the stillness.

Today, the stillness spoke: “Come back often.”


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