Western Women Waking up, and Saving the World

“The world will be saved by the western woman.”  Let me repeat it: “The world will be saved by the western woman.”  Now take a moment to actually let that seep in.

These are the words of the Dalai Lama.  These are the words of the Dalai Lama that are sending seismic vibrations throughout the western world and these are the words that are shifting the ground underneath my feet.  To the point that soon I’ll need wings to fly to new ground.

I’ve been feeling the shift.  A shift in my own way of life that has coincided with what is happening outside.  Outside the closed doors of my inner, private life- a revolution in consciousness.  Well let’s open the doors and have the conversation, because together, we can change the world.

Healing of the world begins with a re-emergence of the feminine.  And that’s what we are bringing back into balance.  We are feeling more connected to one another, we are caring more for our dear Mother Earth.  We are beginning to nurture not just our biological children, but the world’s children.  And, just as important, we are nurturing our own Selves.  This is where the change starts.

Because across the world, women and young girls are struggling in cultures that enslave them.  We westerners are not bound in such a way by our outside world.  What binds us?  Our inner world.  And so as we begin that decent to the bedrock of truth, right in our own bedrooms, we begin changing things thousands of miles away.

Slowly, we are recovering from our own oppressive history.  We are seeing how what’s happened to us in the past (the killing, literally and figuratively, of the feminine way), has separated us, alienated us, from our own deep knowings.  And we are returning!

Are you feeling it?

The conversations are happening all around you.  The Sophia Institute in Charleston, SC is bringing this wisdom into the world.  They are instruments in the symphony that is transforming the world—right there in Charleston!  I’ll be returning in October for their conference (Women of Wisdom, Transforming Ourselves, Transforming Our World).  Also, Marianne Williamson is hosting Sister Giant: Rousing the Sleeping Giant of American Womanhood, in L.A.  at the end of February.  The women gathering for this event plan on doing nothing short of the Dalai Lama’s prediction.


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