Join me on the Bridge

Right after I posted a blog today about Half the Sky and the oppression of women around the globe, I went to that website I mentioned (  Here I am talking about how we can transcend all this oppression and violence, and the next thing on my screen is Join me on the Bridge- a global campaign to show how we can build the bridges of peace and development for our future.  The campaign is sponsored by Women for Women International (

It happens on March 8, which is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.  On this day, thousands of women will stand together in the Congo and neighboring Rwanda to demand peace in their war-torn countries.  Women are imagining peace, even in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where 5 million deaths and hundreds and thousands of rapes span more than a decade.  Supporting them will be thousands of women from Bosnia, Kosovo, Sudan, Nigeria, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, the U.S. and the U.K.  And even us here in Jacksonville, Florida!!

It’s last minute, but I’m organizing a Join me on the Bridge event in Neptune and Atlantic Beaches (the beaches of Jacksonville).  We will gather at the beach access  where Atlantic Blvd meets the ocean.  (Didn’t have time to get a permit for a major bridge, so we’ll use the walkway bridge that leads to the beach…and shoot for a major bridge next year).  Meeting time is 12 noon on Monday, March 8th.  If you live in Jacksonville or the beaches, please stand together with us!

If you don’t live in Jax, check out the website at to see if your city is organizing an event.  If not, perhaps just step outside on Monday at noon and give your thoughts to the women who are imagining peace!

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