Birthing Ourselves

Something very big is happening.  I feel it and you probably do too.  There’s been a shift and it has to do with individual and collective consciousness.  Some people say we are birthing a whole new order of humanity.

I like the metaphor.  I like it because my experience of giving birth to my daughter was so powerful and transformative, it opened up an entire world, a new way of being for me.  Preparing myself for her birth meant letting go of old belief systems.  It meant not reverting to other people’s descriptions and opinions.  It meant challenging my previously held beliefs about who I was and what I could handle, and finally, finally, listening to and following my feelings. Ultimately, it meant expanding myself into more of who I Really am.

I not only experienced the power of my body and the beauty, but also the power I hold within.  The power that comes from trusting your inner wisdom, and the immense power that arises when one finally becomes true to herself…when approval (or what you think you should be doing) is no longer.

I draw from my pregnancy and birth experience often.  I remember how I unapologetically remained loyal to myself and made conscious choices, and then surrendered to the magical process.  I remind myself to continue to live my life in this way.  To be open to something bigger than my little mind can contain.  To find my power instead of giving it away, and then, to really trust life.

When you step out of the box you’ve put yourself in, when you are open, when you are listening to your whole Self, when you are connecting with your Self, you are connecting with the world, and you are part of the shift.  You are a planetary midwife.

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