Invisible Bridges

One hundred brave women on a bridge in Kabul.  13,778 women checking in virtually or in person on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.  Rwandan women meeting their sisters from Democratic Republic of Congo on the border of their two countries.  Annie Lenox leading the London March over the Millennium Bridge.  Women in Jacksonville, Florida walking to the top of the Acosta Bridge.

Hundreds of bridges.  Thousands of women.

What is happening?  The world is changing, that’s what’s happening.  That’s what we were up to, nothing short of shifting the very foundations on which a bridge is built, as we came together for the global campaign Join me on the Bridge, led by Women for Women International- a charity that helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives.  As we crossed over constructions built with the great tools of the human intellect, we took up the work of the human heart and new kinds of bridges were formed- the kind that connect me to you, the kind that connect us all.  Invisible bridges.  Stronger than the Golden Gate.

It was a small act, carrying banners of peace atop the Acosta.  A small act with far-reaching implications.  With an energy that extends further than we can even imagine.  We often think there is nothing we can do to make a difference in the overwhelming issues of the world, like violence and poverty, but the 40 women who showed up in Jacksonville and the thousands who joined us worldwide, knew that our presence meant something.  Simply show up, and you begin feeling how you are infinitely connected.


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