Hyenas, Homes and a new kind of Women’s Movement

Surely the women of America could do better than the hyenas.”

Surely.  But let’s put this in perspective.  A mere forty years ago my mother’s generation put forth a novel notion- women could do what men could do, and we deserved the opportunity.  A new concept in the collective mindset (just forty years ago)!

Yes, a woman deserves equal opportunity to do whatever a man can do.  But here’s the question of my generation- What do we really want?  What do we choose?  Thanks to the Women’s Movement, we have all the options.  Not as concerned with trying to gain equal status, my generation’s work is pushing the next boundary by asking where we want to go, which is perhaps where the women of the 70’s couldn’t yet go, proving first it was wherever men went.

I’ve chosen to stay in here.  In the home.  I am a stay-at-home mom finding balance between nurturing of self and nurturing of child.  And as much as the media wants to pit us against working moms, I just don’t want to be against another mom- so we make different choices, that’s what we wanted, right- choices?  I’ve chosen to spend my days tending to my child, and I know this experience was my opportunity to learn to tend to myself.  It’s created a circle.  The more I’ve shown up for myself, the more I’m awake to and find opportunities to show up for others-not just as a mother to my own child, but a mother to the world’s children, a sister to the world’s women.

Which brings me to the hyenas…

Adult female hyenas encircle their cubs while they’re feeding, ensuring their babies get fed before the adult males get anywhere near the food.  Bestselling author and acclaimed spiritual teacher, Marianne Williamson uses this example to show how advanced mammalian species protect their young.  And wouldn’t you agree with her, that we can do better than the hyenas?  We can do better than 17,000 children dying each day from hunger.  We can do better than the women who die every minute in birthing their young.

We can begin by seeing the whole world as our home

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