The Birth of an Idea

Fate. Providence. The Universe Conspiring.  The Impulse of Evolution. The Journey of the Soul.   It doesn’t matter to me what you call it.  All I know is that a couple years ago, my journey toward some unknown destiny began.  It looked, back then, as if I were coming apart.  And I guess you could say I was- I was in pieces, my head reasoning I must be crazy- how could I possibly want more, my life so quaint and all?  And in my heart knowing something different, as though it’d been coded with potentials my mind couldn’t grasp.  I’d just recently learned that lesson through the birth of my daughter in which my capacities blew my own mind!  What if there were other capacities lying dormant at the depths of my soul?

This drive, this motivation to expand and to evolve became activated, in me and as me.  There have been highs and lows, but all of it has been an opportunity toward something that wants to be expressed.

And today, on Mother’s Day, my passion for what is possible overflows.  I’d like for you all to be witnesses to the birth of this something new.  I’d like for you to be there as I create and learn as I go; I’d like for us, together, to see how creative ideas and solutions emerge, to allow the heart to guide us.

This is what I am doing- I am planning a gathering of women in my community.  At this gathering, I will show the film No Woman, No Cry, a documentary by Christy Turlington Burns highlighting the stories of pregnant women at risk of becoming a mortality statistic, and raising awareness of global maternal health.  This gathering will be like the forming of allies, a gathering to awaken in one another our desires to contribute and connect in a deep way.  This group of women will then sponsor a sister village in which we learn from one another, communicate and encourage, provide funds for midwifery training, for educational clinics, for empowerment groups, transport, for whatever the greatest needs in ensuring healthy moms and babies.

It’s no coincidence that I’m writing this on Mother’s Day- a day to honor all mothers, a day in which I’m choosing to put this out there, scary as it is, in one small step toward doing something for mothers everywhere.  It’s also no coincidence that the very day this idea conceived, I received an email from a woman in India, who works with pregnant women who face many barriers to safe deliveries.  We will see where this leads, and how we might be able to help.  No.  It’s no coincidence.  It’s Fate.  It’s Providence.  It’s the Universe Conspiring.  It’s the Impulse of Evolution.  It’s the Journey of my Soul.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

PS- please send me a message if you live in the Jacksonville area and want to be involved in our gathering.


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