Idea Evolving

I have good news to share!  Subhadra has decided to secure funds for the reproductive health camps from local agencies in India.

I admit, at first I felt disappointment that this didn’t quite “work out” the way I’d envisioned, but as with everything, I’m learning to see beyond the surface and beyond my expectations.  While formulating this idea, I’d hoped to create movement, bringing women together in a new way; I’d hoped to create connection and to gift the women in India with an opportunity toward improved health, growth and more freedom.  That’s where I was coming from, and yet I packaged it in my mind in a certain way- as sponsoring the camps with funds we raised.

It’s clear to me now that the intentions are being met, despite it looking differently.  It’s clear to me that I am being met.

We have all been gifted.  We have inspired Subhadra to move forth in her idea to bring reproductive health camps to the women in Indore.  We are learning how our presence can change everything.  And personally, I am learning that it is important- in fact vital- to continue to nurture ideas like little fires I’m carrying around, careful not to let them burn out.  Vital for my own growth and the world around me- because once I know where my power is, I know best how to contribute.  Collaborating with Subhadra has been a great gift for that reason-it’s shining a spotlight on where my power is and inviting me to step into it, to be a fire starter.

This is just the beginning.

I invite you to continue to catalyze with me!

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