The Status of Motherhood

The time is ripe for improving the status of motherhood in this country.  While we’ve become more empowered in our right to choose whether or not we want children and how we balance family life, we’ve not fully claimed our power in the way it all begins: birth.

You would imagine that living in the wealthiest country in the world, our right to a positive and safe birth experience would be a given.

You wouldn’t imagine that living in a country that spends more per capita on maternity care than any other nation, that our rate of maternal death would fall behind 49 other countries.

It is impossible to imagine that a woman giving birth in the US today is more likely to die in childbirth than her mother was, but this is the unacceptable fact.

Something is going wrong.  It’s not a woman’s ability to give birth.  Our bodies are wise and have been capable since the beginning of time.

It’s extremely difficult to pinpoint just what is going wrong because we have no accurate system for recording and reviewing maternal deaths.  Only six out of fifty states make it mandatory to report maternal deaths.

We have an opportunity in all of this.  Yes, it’s about birthing, and not just babies.  It’s about birthing our own potentials to create a different world.  A world where a woman giving birth is not losing her human rights, but is rather a woman claiming her awesome creative power.  Read more in my article on Gender Across Borders.   And let me know your thoughts!

(Urge Congress to co-sponsor the Maternal Health Accountability Act (HR 894) which will give states the resources to report and investigate all pregnancy-related deaths.  Use this one click tool to contact your members of Congress:


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