On Becoming a Planetary Doula…Radical Implications

Feeling inspired by the wildness of the dolphins jumping and riding waves this morning, I am going to ask a radical question.  Could it be that we could change not only the face of global maternal health, but also the world, if we simply held the birthing woman in love?

By surrounding the woman in loving presence, she is free to discover her own mind-blowing capacities.  I say mind-blowing because they are in fact not of the mind.  We have power far beyond what our mind can comprehend.

Very interestingly, this is exactly where we are in our human evolutionary journey, awakening to our divine form.  2012 in particular has been named a birth year by many spiritual and evolutionary leaders.  And as I see it, it is no coincidence that the maternal health crisis has come to a head at the same time that we are birthing this new, more compassionate, sustainable and co-creative world.

Thus far, we have viewed the mind as the only place of knowing.  We’ve lived in a world where other ways of knowing, such as our bodily wisdom have been invalidated or gotten twisted and turned into something that is a problem.  Think of this- women often labor in unfamiliar environments with inconsistent caregivers which can contribute to a feeling of being unprotected.  The wisdom of the body will stall or even reverse labor when there is a feeling of threat, disrespect or fear.  Instead of changing the environment to one of love and tenderness, we tell the woman something is wrong.  We tell her her body is not working, when in fact, her body is working beautifully, using it’s evolutionary wisdom.  We then tell her she is having “inadequate contractions” or she is diagnosed with “failure to progress” and we give her drugs to augment labor or just go straight to the OR for a C-section.

But what if all along, it was the woman’s body protecting herself and her offspring?  What if it was the wiring of every mother to birth her baby in an environment of love and without separation?

The doula’s role is thus vital on the birthing scene and on a planetary scale.  Because we can expand the environment in which people can be free to know who they really are.  And like the dolphins, we are of two worlds.  You can be a doula for anyone by mirroring to them who they really are…and so the answer is yes, we can change the world by expanding the environment of love.


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