Changing Birth Changes Everything

The other day I got to watch birth happen.  I got to watch a woman pull up all the strength inside of her and use it to bring a newborn child into the world.  I got to remind this woman of that strength when in her mind, she didn’t think it possible.  I got to watch her body do what it knows how to do, and held witness as her body taught her mind the incomprehensible.  I got to breathe and moan with her through the process.  I got to see the baby’s head emerge, out of one world and into another.  I got to see the father’s overwhelming joy and awe at that moment as new life came forth.  I got to see this baby placed on his mother’s chest and breathe his first breath.

Witnessing birth is like witnessing anything in nature do it’s thing.  It’s in these extraordinarily ordinary moments when life truly makes sense.  We don’t get it in our heads though, where we usually make sense of the stuff of life; we make a connection somewhere else.  Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to put into words.

I remember the moment my daughter was born.  Here came this new, fleshy and slippery being, placed on my chest.  Why was it so hard to believe?  Didn’t I know I was birthing a baby?

My mind had been blown away and it was the sweetest release.

Birth taught me that we are capable of more than we think!  We are more than just thinkers.  Our true nature is that we are not separate from nature at all.  When we start listening to this everything will change.

4 Comments on “Changing Birth Changes Everything

    • It’s so big–Not only have we stopped listening to Mother Nature, but the voice of all mothers, and of course, as you know, the Divine Mother. This is, I think, where all our problems are rooted.

  1. Thanks for the gentle reminder of our connection to Mother Nature and aren’t we powerful, beautiful and magnificent in our birthing process. Memories of my daughter’s births so many years ago came floating back to me……

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