Addressing World Leaders on the Future We Imagine

World governments, NGO’s and other major groups will meet June 20-22 in Rio de Janeiro at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to agree on how to meet the immense challenges facing humanity.  The agenda will include a range of smart measures toward eradicating poverty, creating sustainable development and peaceful prosperity for our planet and the whole human family.

Through their community platform, World Pulse, in partnership with the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) collected stories outlining women’s experiences and recommendations on sustainable and equitable development to be presented at the Rio+20 Conference.

On the heels of my Changing Birth Changes Everything blog, I thought- how can there be a discussion on sustainable development without the voice of mothers; how can Mother Nature’s voice be absent when addressing the livelihood of our planet?  

So I wrote a letter, adding my story and recommendation.  Here it is:

Witnessing the birth of a child is like witnessing anything in nature do it’s thing.  It’s in these extraordinarily ordinary moments when life truly makes sense.

I remember the moment my daughter was born.  Here came this new, fleshy and slippery being, placed on my chest.  It was so hard to believe!  Birth taught me that my body was capable of something my mind couldn’t wrap itself around.

We are all capable of more than we think.  We are more than just thinkers.  Our true nature is that we are not separate from nature at all.  But we have stopped listening to nature and this is the biggest problem facing humanity, says bestselling author and leader in bridging science and spirit, Dr. Bruce Lipton.

We have stopped listening to Mother Nature and to the voice of all mothers, and no discussion on sustainable development will impact lasting change with this absence.  I urge all governments, organizations and other major groups gathering for the UN’s Rio+20 Conference to pay attention and hear the collective heartbeat of a new world ready to be born. Just as Mother Nature creates new life by joining egg and sperm, this new world is being conceived through CO-CREATION.

We must put mothers at the center of birth, both literally and figuratively if we want to birth a sustainable and co-creative world.  

Our possible future depends on recognizing and protecting a woman’s right to a healthy, safe and empowered pregnancy and birth experience.  Renowned author and presenter at the Rio+20 side event, 9 Months to Save the World: Mothers, Key to Sustainable Development, Dr. Michel Odent says that “if we wish to change the world, we must change the way we are born.”  At the side event, the World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations (OMAEP) highlights decades of science to support the radical proposition that mothers are the foundation for our sustainable future, ensuring that children are born with love and respect for themselves, each other and nature.  I echo OMAEP’s recommendation to put maternity care at the center of health systems and development programs, with a focus on prevention and natural health.

I call for an end to what famous midwife Ina May Gaskin called “the demonization of women-centered birth.”  We must go beyond the old paradigm of either/or (ie. hospital vs. homebirth) and begin to CONNECT WHAT IS WORKING.  In making these connections, we give every woman a taste of the potential of birth- that she is part of Mother Nature’s plan to evolve herself in love.  By co-creating together, new innovations and novel systems will begin to show up everywhere (we know how to give birth)!  The current crisis in maternal health will transform when we listen a little deeper, to our genius, our connection to one another and to Mother Nature.

Birth taught me that my body was capable of something my mind could not wrap itself around.  In the very same way, our collective body- our social synergy- is capable of creating this sustainable, peaceful world beyond our wildest imaginings!



4 Comments on “Addressing World Leaders on the Future We Imagine

  1. Wow – this is so well said and so true – simply powerful!

  2. Carrie, I am totally with you! Thank you for using your voice and sharing this important message! I am going to share your blog in my groups on Facebook and LInkedIn.

    Blessings to you Mama,
    Stephanie Dawn

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