You’re Invited to the 2012 Social Good Summit

The Social Good Summit has been called “a hub for all,” and “an invitation.”

I totally get that as I grab my MacBook and pack my suitcase for NYC.

In the past, who was invited to the table for global conversation?  Who jetted off to New York City as the United Nations convened its General Assembly?


Now, here’s me.  Packing my bag.  And don’t forget the MacBook, because that is the tool that’s changing everything (along with my mobile phone).

Now, here’s you.  You don’t have to be in NYC, nor own a MacBook, nor be a diplomat, a social media guru, an innovative technologist, or even a blogger.

YOU ARE INVITED to a global conversation centered around how we can use technology and new media to create solutions for the world’s most pressing issues.  Your voice, your ideas: bring them on!

The goal is to access the voices of people everywhere.  In doing so, Sigrid Kaag, Assistant Secretary General and Director of Bureau for External Relations and Advocacy, United Nations Development Program, says we “raise issues that sometimes don’t make it to summitry.”  She claims this is “the power of collaboration, creative collaboration and co-creation.”

So, here you are, virtual invitation in your virtual hand.  How will you respond?

Don’t put off your R.S.V.P. until you think you have an answer, until you think you have a big enough idea.  The point is to bring your voice to the table.

Tell us what problems your community faces.  Tell us what is working in your community.  Tell us what you see working in the world.

Our conversations will be brought together at the end of the year into a “worldwide paper” bringing crowdsourcing to innovative levels as we get back what we co-created together in the form of a global action plan highlighting opportunities, challenges and commitments.  As Henry Timms, Deputy Executive Director, Strategy, Content and Innovation at 92Y says, “the conference is just beginning on September 24, it’s not ending.”

That is the power of digital.  That is why I’m responding with a YES to the invitation.  Because we have the power to connect EVERYONE, as ONE global voice.

And in that, we are already changing the world before we even begin the conversation on how to change the world!

Here are the ways to join in:

Attend the Social Good Summit in New York City from September 22 -24
-Organize or attend a Social Good Summit Meetup in your own hometown or anywhere around the world as part of The Global Conversation
-Watch the Summit on YouTube and interact in real-time with the Social Good Summit community via social media with hashtag #SGSGlobal.

-Stay in touch through and/or follow me on Twitter

Get giddy by reading this awesome post from Armchair Advocates: 5 Reasons to be GIDDY about the Social Good Summit


2 Comments on “You’re Invited to the 2012 Social Good Summit

    • Hi Jen! I’m sorry we missed each other too!
      I loved the experience at SGS (although disappointing that I wasn’t able to connect with more people, like yourself!).
      I’m cross-posting some articles about my experience, hoping to keep the conversation going.
      And thanks for the opportunity to add my voice to World Moms Blog!!

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