I am available

What can be more real than the sun lighting a single blade of grass

And when like the blade, your own soul turns to receive the golden rays of warmth?

I ask you, what can be more real?

And you answer with mere trivialities, things that will not matter tomorrow.

Think of the work of the spider and the honeybee.


Explain to me the intricacies of a web and the making of a honeycomb.


Let your mind get blown more often.

Don’t wait.

Go outside and let the trees and the hibiscus opening to the morning sun

impress upon you.

And what about the moon?


Can you look to it and say, I am yours?

I can think of nothing more real.

What can be more holy than to say to the moment,

I am available?


I wrote this on the first of November, 2012.  Today is the last day of November and in the 29 days in between, those words- I am available- have grown even richer in meaning. I remembered the value and power of being available even to the uncomfortable moments.  In the month of thanks, I remembered to be thankful for my failures.

Don’t be afraid of being available to the dark moments, they give us access into something so big and utterly new and ultimately beautiful.

(*bee photo by autan; spider web photo by Walter Baxter; moon photo by Tim Fields)


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