Renovating, Maybe I’m Mutating

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  In December, I was renovating.  In January, I was updating.

Renovating my kitchen and bathrooms.  Updating around the house.

At the perfect time, because if you know my blog, maybe you’ve sensed how a person renovates a life, updates a purpose.  Patience.  Rooms become spaciously open as the old gets torn down.  Patience.  Making way for something new, you can’t even tell what you are building.  Patience.  Trusting the process.

A poem describes it best, these past few years:


I’m mutating


something’s gestating,

making a nap

seem so sublime

taking all my time

in quiet repose.

Do you suppose

that something new

is waiting to be born?

Is a caterpillar forlorn

when it hangs in the “j”

and then is covered in green?


How does it feel

to be a melted being?

Do you know you’re waiting,

not just hesitating

and feeling ashamed,

instead of the quiet

before taking aim-

before hitting the mark?


the future’s not stark,


in the dark

there’s nothing wrong

maybe a new kind of strong

is incubating, updating, resonating.


I’m mutating

Maybe I’m Mutating written by Sharon Elliott

Part II is updating

(photo by Sid Mosdell)

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