What’s this blog about?

Ok so it’s been awhile.  I’ve been busy writing about public education and working hard with a team of people to open the doors of Seaside Community Charter School in August.

I fear for my blogger status!  I have to admit that neglecting my blog is partially due to my undertaking of other projects, yes…AND perhaps, maybe, kind-of also because of not knowing where exactly to take this blog.  I’ve felt stuck because I wasn’t sure if the next blog should be about education, global maternal health or childhood or childbirth.  What is this blog about?

No matter the topic, I write about the “work behind the work,” or the inner change that transforms into outward change.  Whether it’s an article about education or maternal health or any social change endeavor, I’m saying the same things.  Whether you were directed here through #startempathy, #globalmom, #socent #maternalhealth, #SGSGlobal, The BOLD Method, or whether you are a pregnant mom or a teacher, it applies.  I’m all about supporting emerging thought.

Ready to unleash a cascade of blogs today, that breathe the change that fuels my work in the world.  So you’ll see 3 new blogs with this one first.

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