And we give birth

People from all over the world gather today for the largest global meeting of the decade focusing on the health and well-being of girls of women.  The Women Deliver Conference, kicks off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I sit at my computer in my backyard and wonder, like everyone else: what can we do to improve the condition for the girls and women of the world?

It’s only when I move out of my head and open to the spaciousness within, that true understanding arises.  I know that there is a space within every girl and boy, every woman and man and every community out of which their own answers and understanding emerge.  As I read that The Lancet published the latest research showing that grassroots women’s groups could halve maternal death rate, I see it happening!  People, we are so powerful. Trust it.   Today I deliver this poem, what came to me when asked to write about maternal health solutions:

Naked, vulnerable

strong, capable

all at once

I’m a living paradox

the pain, the joy

in my body, out of my body

I’m mind-blowingly capable!

Connected to the whole of Life!

A doorway to the earth

For her, my daughter

And she is born, fleshy and slippery

tenderly, reverently

Childbirth blows my mind

I am more than what I think

I am a threshold for all that is creative

I am the both/and

the physical, the spiritual, the light, the dark

My mind has nothing to figure out


Great Creative Force

Love, Life, Light

continue to flow through me

As if I’m pregnant

I only have to allow you

your course

Not to implore:

Keepers of humanity’s unfolding

why are we dying?

in this sacred act?

We are the world’s collective mirror

Reflecting the death of the feminine






with each soul

made whole

what we see transforms

And we give birth

All we must do is


squatting, hands and knees,

breathing, moaning, finding our rhythm


What is inside will emerge in the world



Balance doing with being

You know how to surrender

From this place of your true nature

will your gifts

spring forth

and join with others

Think not in solutions

but in evolutions



It’s not about fixing or fighting

It’s about conceiving and birthing

You only have to know what is yours to give

and give it with love

Held in that embrace




2 Comments on “And we give birth

  1. Incredible poem, just beautifully expressed. Thank you.

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