What does creative action look like?

My transition into 2014 spirals back to activism and to considering what creative action in the world looks like.


I’ve written about creative activism before, about letting our hearts lead and changing the world from a new kind of thinking.  Today my understanding is deepening, which happens often–I think I know something and then months or years later I’m revisiting it and I’m engaged at a whole new level.  It’s a different experience when knowledge in my head moves to a knowing in my body.

This year, as I’m feeling the push/pull of do something/do nothing, go/stay, get out there/ stay in here, I notice I’m more comfortable within the opposites…I’m living more and more in the overlap, bringing something of my “nothing-ness,” my slow inner contemplation, into my daily work, and vice versa.  Bringing these two into one requires courage and patience.  These virtues ask me to do two radically different things at the same time:

Do something.  Do nothing.

How do I do that?  Wait- I’ve written about this before too!  Now I’m here in January 2014 and I’m feeling what I already knew:  I don’t need to “make things happen.”  I open to what wants to happen through me (and that’s how I make things happen, that’s how in doing nothing, I’m doing something).

Global leaders and civil society- all of us- can be conduits for creative action in the world when we balance our actions with a certain receptivity.  We’re out there accelerating change without losing an interior sense of what we are doing, of what’s in here.  The same goes for technology- we use it powerfully when we balance it’s rapid advancement with a continuous renewal of our inner resources.  We use it as a conduit for our creative action.

What does it look like?  Relaxed and trusting.  Effort being met with grace.

We witness our own genius being birthed.  And the world becomes a better place.

**photo by mrhayata on Flickr

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