Between the old and new

The old is over.

I’ve been clearing out and creating more space. Everywhere. In my backyard and in my bedroom. In the armoire and in the toy boxes. In my work and how I spend my hours.

Simplicity is so underrated.

I’ve been watching as the essential and beautiful reveal themselves. Now that there is room. Simple joys: naps in patches of sunlight, breezes through windows, and soaking up Autumn’s golden light.


But now…

The problem is the stillpoints in creative life. Oh yes, there it is. With all this new time and space, all these new ideas, I SHOULD be doing something! Like posting blogs and writing articles.

The old might be over, but the new has not arrived.

And my impatient self does not like it. Not one bit.

Finally! Getting here and admitting this, embracing this, MOVES me. I get to experience having the strength
not to force anything in the stillpoints, the moments of uncomfortableness.

The new has to be allowed to happen, in its own time. I knew that. But living it, oh YES. Now the new can live through my life and show me the genius in its unpredictability.

I get to be the creative rebel I am.


2 Comments on “Between the old and new

  1. You talkin’ ta me? Thank you for the articulation to name that familiar feeling in my life right now. with love to you –

    • I guess a lot of us are seeing what transition looks like, as the old flies the coop! I’m glad we are not alone. With love right back to you, xo, Carrie

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