Connecting for Social Change

I used to be a real lover of rules.  But my life offered me experiences to grow out of being a rule follower, and I think that’s because the world is changing, and I’m growing with it.

Success used to depend on this model of following and applying rules.  This is no longer the case.  Technology gives us access to resources, information and connectivity.  Things are changing at a breakneck pace, and I’m failing if I only know how to follow the rules.  I want to grow my abilities to innovate, relate and connect.

Indeed, if it is our wish to evolve our world toward a more positive future for our children and all life on Earth, it is necessary for us to connect on a global scale and link innovations.

The internet can be our most efficient tool- it can boost connectivity at exponential levels.  It all depends on how we use it.  We use it to its max power when we participate and engage- joining campaigns, starting new projects, raising awareness, sharing our voice and creating social change.  The key is to use it in ways that emulate nature, in ways that bring us back to our humanness, rather than distracting us from it, as often happens when we become obsessed with our screens and their seductions.

In nature, when two things come together, a third, radically new thing is born.  The internet can imitate this by bringing individual genius together (we all have an innate genius), thus birthing a new creation.  By use of new media, we can discover what it is we can do together, as something completely new– as one social body.

This is why digital empowerment for all is essential.  World Pulse is an example of an online hub that uses the


photo courtesy of World Pulse

power of technology for social good.  Previously isolated women from around the globe are finding their voice and making connections.  Harnessing this feminine intelligence is what founder, Jensine Larsen, believes is the fastest way to bring about global sustainability.  And I agree.  The more we unite as a global community and connect our big-picture and creative genius, the more we will see new systems and relationships being built that will truly change the world.

All of this, AND…

As we are able to extend our reach further than ever before, we must look inward, perhaps like never before.  We are called to balance this outward connectivity with an inward connectivity.  Always aligning what we are doing in our communities with our hearts, with an interior sense of meaning.


*Portions of this article first appeared in a journal submission to World Pulse’s 

Women Weave the Web Campaign*  


2 Comments on “Connecting for Social Change

  1. Wonderfully expressed, Carrie. It seems that balance in all things brings us into the calm space, the slower and quieter place where we can connect the inner and outer.
    With great appreciation, Donna

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