Eagle and Condor

Congress is ready to give a foreign mining company 2,400 acres of forest in Arizona that is cherished ancestral homeland to the Apache natives, land where for centuries the Apache have gathered medicinal plants and acorns, land used for sacred ceremony and prayer.

Chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, Terry Rambler, said the first thing he thought about “was not really today, but 50 years from now, probably after my time, if this land exchange bill goes through, the effects that my children and children’s children will be dealing with.”

I found this out yesterday in a tweet linked to this article, and it has taken hold of me and shaken me to my core.  My heart is breaking.  Preserving indigenous culture, while something I believe in, is not something I’ve ever written about, nor thought too much about.  But this belongs here on the blog, this absolutely has everything to do with where we are in our societal evolution.

“Of all people, Apaches and Indians should understand, because we’ve gone through this so many times in our history,” says Rambler, serving as a real reminder that we continue our business as usual, instead of choosing another course.

What we have been doing over and over and over again is using our heads to rationalize.  In this case, we claim “economic development and jobs.”  Logic is great and all (and has served us well in our evolutionary history) but at this point we have to realize that it can prove both sides of any argument.  Now we can shift; we can incorporate our hearts, use the intelligence of our hearts to so very simply –





When we, as a species, finally get that understanding is not contained within the cognitive capacities of our brains, we will make a huge evolutionary leap!  And as Lynn Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance has said, our partnership and relationship with indigenous people could be one of the most important keys in this transformation. 

This bridge of mind and heart, or the balancing of right/left brain, feminine/masculine is playing out everywhere on the world stage, and this scenario soon to hit the Senate floor is an opportunity to create the change we want to see!  It’s an opportunity to help fulfill the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor-

It is up to us to make it happen.

We can use our technology to spread the word, sign and share this petition, email, call and/or tweet our Senators.  Urging them to do the right thing, moving us closer to a world where Eagle and Condor fly in one sky, wing to wing.

Update 12/15/14: The NDAA bill was passed on a vote 89-11.  I have no words yet, just deep sadness.  Please continue to share and spread the word, using hashtag #ApacheLandGrab 

Our voices matter; please use them!

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6 Comments on “Eagle and Condor

  1. Thank You Carrie for this timely blog and an opportunity to sign the petition. I had no knowledge of this land deal and we need to honor the ancestral lands and its people.

  2. Should you feel compelled to further act in preserving indigenous culture and its ancient wisdom, consider these worthy organizations:

    -Sacha Warmi Center renews indigenous medicine & preserves medicinal plants in the Amazon rainforest. See their fundraising page here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fund-sacha-warmi-s-amazonian-educational-center

    -Lakota Waldorf School serves Native American children and is preserving the dying Lakota language. You can help them build their school via this fundraising page (If you’d like to increase your giving please email me at carrielferguson@bellsouth.net)

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