The Condition of the Human Heart

I was recently involved in an endeavor with a group of highly intelligent and professional people, and yet the modus operandi was this:

kill off the people with whom you don’t agree


Violence isn’t just physical, it comes in many forms.

Do you think the extremist and mass violence we see in our world has nothing to do with us?

Acts of war and violence rage across the globe, and there is an increasing number of terror attacks on schools.  We see these horrific news headlines and we look to see who is to blame.  What if instead we looked first at how these headlines reflect the condition of the human heart?  Anytime we are faced with such darkness, it is a call to look within ourselves, and also to look at our way of relating to the people in our lives.

Being “killed off” for voicing thoughts that are in opposition to those in power is my one small example of what is happening, large and small, everywhere, in mass consciousness.  We have emotional reactions- unconscious, primal- and lash out with violent behavior.  We use our minds to rationalize and justify killing people who are outside of our tribes, our dogmas and belief systems.

We cut ourselves off from the wisdom of our hearts, that place within us that can sense unity despite tribal lines.  We silence it.  Behaving exclusively from our mind’s logic, without alignment with the heart, we are capable of very harmful acts, despite any good intentions.

It doesn’t matter how high the IQ, without emotional intelligence (EQ), people will stay locked in old, knee-jerk reactionary patterns, which lead to intolerance, and will perpetuate the collective thought field that says it’s ok to kill each other if we don’t agree, whether at a public stoning or a town hall meeting.

Take a look at the condition of the human heart.

The world headlines are not problems “out there” that have nothing to do with what is happening right here.

Take inventory of your own heart.

As more and more individuals raise their EQ, violence in the world will begin to drastically reduce.  We can move out of reacting from the past, and through empathetic relationships, begin to co-sense and co-create a more positive future for everyone.

This is the global discourse we need to be having, and I am excited to be inquiring into how developing the human heart can impact education systems globally and will be leading a roundtable discussion on this topic at the Global Institute for Education Diplomacy in March.


5 Comments on “The Condition of the Human Heart

  1. The darkness will always try to overcome the light for it fears the goodness and awareness it brings. Thank you for always shining so brightly, Carrie.

  2. I have removed the anonymous comments previously posted. The comments were aggressive and case in point for the article: It is ok to disagree; what is not ok is to lash out with violent behavior when we disagree.

    The comments I received were not conversation starters. It is bullying, and I will not allow it. This is my blog, my personal space, and I stand firm here.

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