BOLD Method for birth

What is the BOLD Method?

The BOLD Method is a childbirth empowerment method developed by Karen Brody, playwright of Birth and founder of BOLD, a global movement to make maternity care mother-friendly.  It was designed to help pregnant women take action in their birth from a place of their own deep truth, and it is grounded in the belief that every woman has the capacity to define and communicate her own needs.

 It’s about empowerment.

The BOLD Method invites pregnant women to embrace their intuitive wisdom

and relax into the natural intelligence within their heart, body and spirit.  

It’s not a method toward achieving any specific type of birth.  Given tools to access her deep knowing and to take action, the pregnant woman holds the keys to creating an experience that is reflective of her true nature.

Are you pregnant and interested in BOLD classes?

When you sign up for a BOLD Method childbirth class, you embark on a Body, Voice, Action journey.

The BOLD Method for birth

The BOLD Method will help you connect with your body, find your voice- your place of internal power- and create an action plan that will put you at the center of your birth experience.

Why the center?

Because you matter.

Your voice matters.

Your choices matter.

Because you are constantly being asked to remove yourself from the central position.

Yet you are the one birthing.

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