Why BOLD Method?

What is the BOLD Method for birth and why choose it?

Most education systems teach us what to think, not how to think.

 This is a dying paradigm.

Facts don’t set us free.

What frees us is being able to create.

If you’ve read my book or my blog, you understand something about me- my air is freedom and my fire is in supporting your impulse- to evolve, to unleash your gifts, to activate potential within you.  When I was an elementary school teacher, I wanted my students to remember the love and joy of learning, to remember me as someone who believed in them, and I wanted them to go forth in a knowing that they are capable.  I continue this work as a childbirth educator, with the desire to light your fire!

That is why I chose The BOLD Method for birth.  Because it teaches you tools to awaken something within you, your place of power and creativity.

It exists within the new paradigm,

open to big-picture, intuitive thinking

and is facilitated within a co-creative community

Honestly, I would not have become a childbirth educator if not for the BOLD method.  It’s fluidity meets my own need to grow and evolve with and in my work, and these tools allow me to do BOTH the things I love: support you in creating an empowered birth AND in birthing anything in you which is creative.

These are tools you can access for the rest of your life!

Tools that will:

connect you with your true nature

empower you to birth your unique gifts

The BOLD Method invites you to discover what it is YOU think.  Within a sacred space and given the questions, your answers will arise spontaneously.   So that when it comes time for your birth, you are aware and empowered.  And that empowerment does not depend on a birth outcome. You stand strong in the part of you that is already liberated.

I love that there is no “getting it right”

I love that we can use everything that shows up

in a birth

in our life

(things that may have previously been judged as bad, wrong, etc)

as an opportunity

to grow