Carrie Lee Ferguson


Feeling inspired by the wildness of the dolphins jumping and riding waves this morning, I am going to ask a radical question.  Could it be that we could change not only the face of global maternal health, but also the world, if we simply held the birthing woman in love? By surrounding the woman in loving presence, she is free to discover her own mind-blowing capacities.  I say mind-blowing because they are… Read More

Fate. Providence. The Universe Conspiring.  The Impulse of Evolution. The Journey of the Soul.   It doesn’t matter to me what you call it.  All I know is that a couple years ago, my journey toward some unknown destiny began.  It looked, back then, as if I were coming apart.  And I guess you could say I was- I was in pieces, my head reasoning I must be crazy- how could I possibly… Read More

Something very big is happening.  I feel it and you probably do too.  There’s been a shift and it has to do with individual and collective consciousness.  Some people say we are birthing a whole new order of humanity. I like the metaphor.  I like it because my experience of giving birth to my daughter was so powerful and transformative, it opened up an entire world, a new way of being for… Read More