Apache Land Grab & Moving Forward in 2015

kaisurfingI live three blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in North Florida.  Suppose one day some people decided that we were no longer allowed on the sand, unable to swim in the ocean because this land was their land, or these waters were their waters.  It would break us.

It would break us, this community of sandy toed, salty haired people.  The souls of the surfers would be crushed and could never recover.  Imagine how it would feel to be cut off from your sacred space, your soul would be crushed too.


Oh, but what a farfetched scenario!  This could never happen!

Unless you are Native American.

In that case, it can.  And it can happen in 2014.

Here is how it happens, in no unusual garb: behind closed doors and by a select few still operating out of an age-old consciousness, and with, conveniently, no time left for discussion.  The typical fashion of leaders who are so attached to their own opinions and power that they have lost their purpose, which is to serve.

The 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was supposed to be “must pass” legislation, providing for the men and women who protect our country.  Authorizing the National Defense budget should have been straightforward- but it was not.  At the last minute, a few members of Congress secretly added bills pertaining to the use of federal land, bills completely unrelated to national defense, including the snagging of 2,400 acres of the Tonto National Forest, ancestral homeland to the San Carlos Apache Tribe.  Further appalling, when Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) bid to remove the extraneous “land package” bills, he received only 18 votes in his favor.

1024px-Amer0013_-_Flickr_-_NOAA_Photo_LibraryThe NDAA passed on a vote of 89-11, and unless the president veto’s it, a foreign mining company will soon be able to take over the cherished land that the Apache have used for sacred ceremony, burial and prayer, for gathering medicinal plants.  Land that they are spiritually connected to.

That’s how it happens in 2014 in the USA.  No guns, just bad-ass politics.  The lame and dirty story we have accepted as the way things operate here in this land, where we have completely lost connection to the land.  Maybe that is where all these problems are rooted, in our deep disconnection to nature.

We have stopped listening to nature.  We’ve gotten too cocky with our cognitive capacities, thinking we know better than nature, thinking we can control nature.  But our left brains have not evolved in order for us to put ourselves into extinction!  The choices we are making with our logic, though, are moving us in that direction.  Logic can prove both sides to an argument- it is not meant to be our means for decision making.

Now is the time to listen, with open, receptive hearts to nature and to our own true nature as human beings, with a head and a heart for perceiving the world.  The time is now in our evolution as a human species to balance our rational, left-brain thinking with our intuitive, right-brain knowing.  This is the way we will move forward creating the peaceful and prosperous world that in our hearts we know is possible, despite the mind’s inability to grasp it.

Our relationship with indigenous people is key to this evolutionary leap.  The ancient wisdom they behold has profound indications on moving forward as one human family.  In fact, the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor, told for millennia by the indigenous people of the Amazon and the Andes, says that we’ve entered the historic time when the “Eagle” people- those who perceive life primarily through the mind- and the “Condor” people- those who perceive through the wisdom of the heart- have the potential to join together in the same skies and bring the whole world into balance.

We are living at the time of this great potential.


Fast forward to today.  It’s not 2014 anymore, as it was when I wrote this article, still full of fire over this issue.  Delaying this post was meant to be, because it’s a new year, a year to choose differently than we did last year.

It’s 2015.  And I am full of hope that we will choose ways, big and small, to trust in the authority of our hearts. Because when we do, we bring balance into the world.  We can help create a nation where we see less and less of these acts from our leaders.

In 2015 we can acknowledge the ways we have used logic to rationalize those things that do not align with our hearts, everything from taking native lands from indigenous people, to the simple choices we make each day without considering the state of our heart.  With this awareness, we can see how the Eagle and Condor prophecy offers guidance and a promise of a world where we use our great minds to communicate, research and innovate in support of the wisdom contained within that place that is more than a pump.  As we make the choices each day to place our mind in service to our heart, we bring humanity forward in our potential.  It really is up to you and me.