Carrie Lee Ferguson


In the beginning, sleep was all I really yearned for.  A good four hour stretch, and I might feel somewhat human the next day.  I might perhaps feel like the girl I’d always known myself to be: prepared and in control.  I wanted to feel my humanness–not necessarily an easy task for a new mom. Ironically, though, it was the baby- the very one who was stealing my sleep- who woke me… Read More

I have good news to share!  Subhadra has decided to secure funds for the reproductive health camps from local agencies in India. I admit, at first I felt disappointment that this didn’t quite “work out” the way I’d envisioned, but as with everything, I’m learning to see beyond the surface and beyond my expectations.  While formulating this idea, I’d hoped to create movement, bringing women together in a new way; I’d hoped… Read More