Carrie Lee Ferguson


I had a professor in grad school who didn’t believe in God because of the Holocaust.  He was willing to listen to another’s reasoning for a God, but he just couldn’t make sense of a world with a God and a Holocaust.  Funny because his mind could typically make such great leaps, but this was where he got stuck.  I guess all of us get stuck when we try to figure everything… Read More

The Jacksonville Birthing Project, a local chapter of Birthing Project USA, whose mission is “to encourage better birth outcomes by providing practical support to women during pregnancy and for one year after the birth of their children,” held their second annual Baby Shower on June 25.  The event, funded by a March of Dimes community grant and organized by project coordinator Charlotte Clark-Rowe, was open to any pregnant woman or mom with… Read More

A group of us gathered in my home to view No Woman, No Cry. My intention in bringing this group of women together was to raise awareness for maternal health AND to create an authentic community in which something can be born.  Collectively, we are capable of more than we can do alone.  So we began in silence in order to create a resonate circle and attune our minds and hearts to… Read More