Carrie Lee Ferguson


We dream a marvelous dream.  We show up on bridges across the world and we bridge our minds to our hearts.  We show up and we bridge a million hearts. We dream a marvelous dream. We show up and we ignite a new kind of power.  One that has been perceived as weak, but that is proving to be more powerful than anything we’ve ever known. We dream a marvelous dream; except… Read More

Two years ago, I sat at my computer reading about the Join me on the Bridge campaign for the first time.  My eyes stung with tears as I read that the women in Congo and Rwanda would meet on a bridge connecting their countries to call for peace amidst a violent war.  It was only as these tiny tears turned into huge dollops rolling down my cheeks that I realized something big… Read More

One hundred brave women on a bridge in Kabul.  13,778 women checking in virtually or in person on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.  Rwandan women meeting their sisters from Democratic Republic of Congo on the border of their two countries.  Annie Lenox leading the London March over the Millennium Bridge.  Women in Jacksonville, Florida walking to the top of the Acosta Bridge. Hundreds of bridges.  Thousands of women. What is… Read More

I’d never heard of International Women’s Day before this year.  This day, intended to celebrate achievements of women past, present and future, had never existed as part of my schema.  I think, like many women in our society, I was disconnected from what the previous generations of women had done for me.  Now in it’s 100th year, I’m awaking to our history, and a deep appreciation is blossoming along with a bond… Read More

Right after I posted a blog today about Half the Sky and the oppression of women around the globe, I went to that website I mentioned (  Here I am talking about how we can transcend all this oppression and violence, and the next thing on my screen is Join me on the Bridge- a global campaign to show how we can build the bridges of peace and development for our future.  The… Read More