To the Mama Lionesses

When, in his last moments, George Floyd called out for his mama, it was as if he called out to a Great Mother, to a benevolent Love that humans hunger for. The Great Mothering Energy who loves us just as we are: divided, bruised and depraved. 

When, in his last moments, George Floyd called out for his mama, he motivated many a Mama: black, brown and white. To the fierce Lionesses who take care of the pride. 

In what ways can we motivate? 

I tend to judge myself because my part feels “small” in the fight for exposing and ending systemic racism. I need to get over it because all that does is immobilize. The path of the Lioness is revealed as she sits in the sun, in the moment. She waits. For the right timing. To bring what she brings. 

I’m a white female homemaker, writer and educator. I’m a mom of a teen. I’m a contemplative that must start inside myself. Inside my home. 

I’ve written a poem. I’ve been gathering homeschool resources. I’ve been searching for books that address racial inequality, books that reveal untold stories, and whole stories. I’ve been planning a year-long study of US History and modern day revolutions. Knowing who we’ve been helps us understand who we are, and who we want to be in the future. 

So, mamas, maybe like me, you’re starting in your home. Maybe, like me, you can get overwhelmed with where to start. Here are two simple lists. Family read-alouds and movie nights are helpful ways to start a conversation. Choose one and let the conversations begin. Then let’s keep going. Let’s keep inquiring. Let’s keep listening. 

Common Sense Media Resources About Race and Racism

Social Justice Books, Black History Booklist