Carrie Lee Ferguson


It had been only a week since submitting this article on the need to slow down during the holidays, and yet there I was- stressed and in tears over casseroles and cookies for Santa.  I still needed to buy stocking stuffers and oh yeah, we had to be at four different family gatherings, not including our own at home. Breakdowns…I hate them when they’re happening, and I feel misunderstood by those around… Read More

Yesterday I wolfed down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich like a rabid raccoon.  I was wanting to get back to my alone time as quickly as possible.  Mind you, I was alone (and thank goodness or someone would’ve seen me down that sandwich in 2 point 2 seconds).  But you see, when my daughter is away and the house is quiet, I like to do the nourishing things I can’t do… Read More