Carrie Lee Ferguson


What can be more real than the sun lighting a single blade of grass And when like the blade, your own soul turns to receive the golden rays of warmth? I ask you, what can be more real? And you answer with mere trivialities, things that will not matter tomorrow. Think of the work of the spider and the honeybee. Explain to me the intricacies of a web and the making of a honeycomb. Let… Read More

I’ve learned to make friends of former foes- certainty and uncertainty Yet I still daydream uncertainties Hoping to dress them up and make them certain. I’ve learned to make friends of former foes- faith and doubt Yet I am shakeable in my trust and in my fear. That’s the way of this liquid, pliable friendship. They do not try to rid of each other. They recognize the other, thankful to have a… Read More