Carrie Lee Ferguson


Today, for the first time ever, I sat with a group of women.  Actually just sat. Silently.  For 30 minutes. And while my mind was certainly not void of thought, there were moments that were perfectly clear.  No worries about rejection letters, no planning out the day, no thoughts of other people’s needs.  (Of course these thoughts like to creep in, but they don’t have to linger) A group of women just… Read More

I woke up from a dream the other night (or perhaps I was still dreaming) and I heard these words: “Stillness Speaks.” Knowing the importance of inner space, I try to create moments during the day where I simply sit still.  But as any busy mom knows- or any person at all really- sometimes this feels impossible or a waste of time even (shouldn’t I be doing something?  Something productive?)   My… Read More