Carrie Lee Ferguson


“May the light of dawn anoint your eyes that you may behold what a miracle a day is.” -John O’Donohue Why do I try to make things happen according to my own timeline?  Doesn’t life have a trusted rhythm?  Doesn’t life set the pattern of evolution?    

I’ve learned to make friends of former foes- certainty and uncertainty Yet I still daydream uncertainties Hoping to dress them up and make them certain. I’ve learned to make friends of former foes- faith and doubt Yet I am shakeable in my trust and in my fear. That’s the way of this liquid, pliable friendship. They do not try to rid of each other. They recognize the other, thankful to have a… Read More

I do not know how to write a poem. The words they wait, faithful Like the trees and the tide The sun. If only I had the faith of the sycamore Remembering that the poem comes through the ease and the unease, the joy and the pain, the all. The answers I’ve been seeking are carried not on the intellect. They travel along some secret stream, glide over rocks gurgling to the… Read More