Carrie Lee Ferguson


In the beginning, sleep was all I really yearned for.  A good four hour stretch, and I might feel somewhat human the next day.  I might perhaps feel like the girl I’d always known myself to be: prepared and in control.  I wanted to feel my humanness–not necessarily an easy task for a new mom. Ironically, though, it was the baby- the very one who was stealing my sleep- who woke me… Read More

“Surely the women of America could do better than the hyenas.” Surely.  But let’s put this in perspective.  A mere forty years ago my mother’s generation put forth a novel notion- women could do what men could do, and we deserved the opportunity.  A new concept in the collective mindset (just forty years ago)! Yes, a woman deserves equal opportunity to do whatever a man can do.  But here’s the question of… Read More